This blog is made for YOU, fresh graduates! I have been one, I have hired batches, and I have met hundreds.

There are four big groups of fresh graduates in Indonesia:

1. The cocky one – usually graduated from big famous public Uni or any Uni with debate team

2. The low self esteem one – usually graduated from Uni outside West Java

3. The “unicorn” one – usually graduated from private Uni, and did not wanted to know public Uni

4. The unknown one – usually coming from unknown Uni

This blog will be more relevant for the first three catergories…

In this blog, I’d like to share tips and tricks facing real life.

I’d like to share some stories, the stumble and fall, the sweet and sour, the victory and tears of working life.

I will ensure all the stories will not only coming from me, some I’ll take it from any other blog in the world, some will written by my friends, and probably you could share your story too ~ send email to me if you want me to publish your story.

So I made this blog for all of us to learn, and to realize that organization is not like college or Uni.

Happy reading everyone, hope you get some learnings, insights and hopes (when you need to).


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