Don’t Think Just Do

The title sound shallow as a tips.

But it actually a very good tips for you whom spend too much time thinking, analyzing, dwelling in thoughts rather than being out there and taking some actions.

In your very first day in the office, you will feel overwhelmed; a lot of jargon that you don’t know, a lot of number that not make any sense, a lot of people/stakeholders that you don’t understand.

Too many times, fresh grads will spend too much time overthink of something. You feel hesitant to ask, you feel silly for not able to contribute in meeting, and when you say something you are unsure & afraid that your suggestion is wrong…

Well, the overall tips, sometimes you don’t need to overthink something, just do it first. If later, you find that you do a mistake, then fix it. Its your only time to do the mistake in your first month, first three months. Its ok to learn from mistake, you are not expected to be a superhuman.

again, Don’t overthink it! sometimes you just need to do it first. Action speak louder than your plan/fear/thought.


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