Survival Tips: Conquer your first Team meeting/Tasks

I still remember my very first days in the office.

I was so anxious at that time. I felt insecure, dumb, knew nothing, couldn’t contribute anything and I tried anything I could.

Enrolled myself to one of most prestigious Management Trainee Program in country, I tried to ensure myself that I won’t failed. I tried to impress people.

With all of those things I mentioned above in mind, I tried hard. Too hard probably is better words 😀 😀

I sometime asked too many questions, I sometime too afraid to ask questions (depend on the audience)

I tried to look smart, perfect like I had no weaknesses. I rarely asked for help as I will feel stupid if I did so. I tried to solve everything myself, I tried to make the most sophisticated long proposal and research.

And you know what? the result is nothing! Nothing but you learn yourself that professional world is different with your Uni world that you don’t need to act perfect, you don’t need to be smartest to perform.

Looking back (read: looking at some fresh grads in office right now) ; I laugh.

Not because I want to laugh at you, but I laugh at the patterns. How similar it is.

I tell you the 5 important survival tips on your very first days working:

1. Don’t try to be smartest, because you won’t be one in professional environment. There will be hundreds of people who already worked in the company even before you born to the world. So you can’t be smartest, and its ok not to be one.

2. Don’t afraid to say “I don’t know” – you are new. Its ok to know nothing and answer “I don’t know, I’ll look forward for the answers and come back to you later.”

3. Don’t afraid to ask for help, its ok to let people help you; but then don’t always expect everyone spoon feeding you, just look for necessary information to survive.

4. Don’t try to deliver perfect task/presentation/data in your first attempt! Don’t wait until its perfect to have a discussion with your superior or boss! it will wasting too much time! You will never get A+ or 100 score in professional world. Such thing does not exist here! You need to brainstorm to get a good result, not to mentioned that it can be challenged further by other people. and its ok, as long as you are heading there.

5. Don’t try to do everything at the same time. One little steps at the time. Chances are you become Yes man while you are overwhelmed. Always ask what is the expectation on the output and timeline. But then, don’t be lazy and expect you are getting your salary for only attending trainings and expecting your manager to lecture you everything about the tasks.

Hopefully the tips are helpful!


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